Kayla Dearment

I’m Kayla Dearment and I created Pixel Promos for my business identity as a freelance graphic designer. I also use it to showcase my ongoing portfolio of design work that I have crafted over the years.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas I graduated the University of Texas at Dallas, majoring in graphic design and minoring in psychology. I started in the business of graphics design at the age of 16-years-old. I have marketed to various industries in the fields of academics, advertising, web development, 3D development, GUI design, sign business, and music industries — all while simultaneously maintaining my own business as a freelancer.

I am proficient in Photshop, Corel, CSS, HTML, Maya, Flash and After Effects. I have knowledge of PHP, Javascript, Illustrator, Audition, and Premier. I also tend to implore a high sense of psychology in the work I create. Creating content that both visually appealing and effective requires understanding the mind-set of the targeted audience.

Designing projects for customers is a job that I love doing, but more so, is the enjoyment of watching their faces as they see their ideas come to life. As a personal motto to my life, “Nothing is impossible, the solution has just yet to be realized.”




Nathan Jones
Accounting Manager

Hello, I’m Nathan Jones and I am the accountant for Pixel Promos. I have been associated with Pixel Promos since it’s founding. I manage the financial books for all Pixel Promos’s business accounts.

I graduated the University of Texas at Dallas, majoring in accounting.