ViVe Site topper

Web Design

Are you in need of a website? Let me be the first to welcome you do the digital age! Nearly every successful business these days, has a a professional website. Don’t fall behind the times, get your website today!

I can design and build professional looking websites using the latest in coding technologies. All of my sites are custom tailored to your specific business. I can program websites using the following technologies:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • WordPress
  • Flash

Pixel Dependent Graphics

Compressed for Space? Often in graphics designing you tend to run out of designing room. At that point you start to consolidate images so that you can optimize the graphic. This is where knowing how to draw by the pixel helps.

Customers who request pixel dependent graphics are usually working according to a strict pixel matrix. I specialize in designing these graphics to fit in that matrix. Often when an image is compressed down to a small size it will look blurry. I go in and make sure that all blurriness is removed, and that the graphic or animation runs smoothly. Sometimes this may require me to redraw it after reduced. In particular, LED digital signs require these graphics and animations to look presentable.

  • File Format Matching
  • Exact Pixel Matrix Designs
  • Sharp Image Control
  • Code Compliant Timing

Video & Animations

Need animations for a commercial? Or perhaps have an idea in your head that you would like animated? With just a few simple descriptions of what you want, I can do wonders.

If your in need of a high quality distinct animation for a presentation, sign, or commercial, then Pixel Promos can help. I will personally discuss with you the ideas you may have for how the animation should play. Often customers do not have the time to deal with animations or advertising, but it needs to be done, so some customers request to just have me come up with something for them to display.

  • Multiple Formats Available.
  • Sound Recording & Enhancement
  • Sequence Based Designs
  • Exact Size Matching